Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Questions To Suhasini on Muslim Man Hindu Woman Unions

Suhasini Haider the gracious and good journalist from CNN-IBN wrote an article/blog in 2007.
I am not sure I can copy the content verbatim due to copy rights. If the link is broken, I can surely publish the article contents.

I have some open questions for her. I have added the text below in a post. Hopefully she will answer it or at least read it.

So here is my take. Call me a right wing intolerant person or one that is insecure about the future of his cultural beliefs.

I have two daughters. I will be extremely sad if they married Muslim boys. Jews, Christians, Parsis or people of any faith other than Islam is allowed. Why this hatred you may ask.

Well for one, the necessity to convert people to Islam by war or peace is an inherent Muslim trait. You perhaps disagree. Fair enough. If Muslim(Sunni & Some Shia) women did not cover up & were free to choose Hindu grooms without issues, if Muslims tried to integrate better with Hindu Society & did not have the inter-religious kids follow more Islam than Hinduism, if Muslims really accepted their Hindu Ancestry & expressed their intent to merge with main stream majority of India that is Hindu, if there was no "one-up-man ship" or male chauvinism or superiority feeling among Muslims over other religions & if Islam was much more moderate than it is today perhaps it would have been a different story.

Now, please understand that Bohras, Khojas, Ahmediyas in India are more Hindu than Muslims. The Ahmediya consider Lord Krishna as a prophet. This acceptance of theirs is very comforting to me.

Let me lastly bring to your attention some famous Urban Indian Muslim personalities who have been permitted to

a) Lust for a Son

b) Lust for a Hindu woman

c) Lust for many Kids completely unaffected by "Hum do Humare do"

1. Akbaruddin Owaisi has 5 daughters and 1 son. He is 44 years. He is on his 1st wife.

2. Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala married and dumped the famous Model Aditi Gowitrikar after 2 kids and married another young woman. More kids to come?

3. Saif Khan has 2 kids with ex-wife Amrita Singh. He is now married to Kareena Kapoor & is sure to have at least one more kid.

4. Shah Rukh Khan married Gowri Chhibb, has 2 kids and then suddenly lusts for son Abram. It is even alleged that he wanted the 3rd child to be a son. Another Khan-dan trait?

5. Lucky Ali has 5 kids from 3 wives. I believe 4 of them are daughters & the last is a son.

6. The great Aamir Khan had 2 Muslim children from a Hindu wife Reena, whom he dumped to impregnate a British Journalist for a "son" and then he married Kiran Rao(another Hindu) with whom he has a "son".

7. The character actor "Naseerudin Shah" who was nominated by NDTV as the top 25 Indians (Oh! God) has 3 children. The 1st one is a daughter from a Hindu wife who died in 1982. The same year, the man had the nerve to marry another Hindu Ratna Pathak and has 2 sons with her.

8. Fareed Zacharia has 3 kids too. But he is an honorable man & am sure that he could be exempt as he is American though of Indian Ancestry.

Please answer me Suhasini
1. Are Muslims allowed to lust for more kids? What permits them to have sons more than Hindus do?
2. How can Muslims marry Hindu women when 
   a. Their men are allowed polygamy while Hindus are tied down by "Hindu Marriage Act"?
   b. When Muslim women are not allowed to date or marry Hindu Men (rarely happens out of fear)
   c. When the gender ratio of Men:Women among Hindus is 1000:933 
3. Why are Muslims exempt from "Hum Do Hamare Do?"
4. Why should the tail (13% Muslim) allow to wag the dog (79.8% Hindu) ?
5. Why is there administrative and societal fear of Muslims (Ask Christian, Jews and all alike)?
6. Why is Islam violent & why do Islamists(religion of peace) & liberals stay in denial?
7. Why does IBN or NDTV dare show Muslim Gay men on TV? Do you channels think that you have a better chance of survival by taking on a docile Hindu population?
8. Why is it that for every Hindu Man who marries a Muslim Girl, there are 5.8 Muslim men marrying Hindu girls?

Lastly: Mys assessment of Islamic invasion in India over the years 800 AD onwards has to do with 3 things
1. Water
2. Wealth
3. Women

Until 1600, the women population in India was at paar or exceeded that of men. Thats why polygamy was permitted in India. Left to Hindu way of adjustment, polyandry would have been prevalent today.

You must hear Sri S. Gurumurthy to understand about Indian Economic History. Ofcourse there is always your father Dr. Swamy who in my opinion is one of the more gifted intellectuals of our times.

There will be protests. There will be anger. The equation is not fair and looking at one off cases like yours and Priyanka's is not sufficient.

Be true to yourself and see from History who has been the aggressor and who has raped more women on the other side. The answers are hard to swallow.